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Surveyor will utilize only the size survey party that is necessary to perform the actual phase of work required.† Survey crew rates include the conventional survey equipment consisting of total stations, data collectors, levels, EDMís, lietz pocket/compass, level rods, range poles, chains, concrete monuments, pins, and other miscellaneous hand tools, together with the required expendable supplies such as notebooks, stakes, ribbons, tacks, nails, paint, and etc.


Authorized expenses for the above personnel when applicable, will be billed at actual cost.


Invoices should include, but not be limited to:† Work Order Number, Work Performed, Crew Size, Hours Worked, Extras, Receipts, and Total Price for Service Rendered.

Project Manager (per hour)



Engineer (per hour)



Engineer (E.I.T. per hour)


Technical Personnel (per hour)

Technicians performing survey plotting, property research, development of plans.


Drafting Personnel (per hour)

Drafters or CADD technicians performing the transfer of data into final plans.


Secretary/Clerk Typist (per hour)

Project Record Data and Legal Descriptions on Word Processor.



(per mile)


Per Diem

Per Man/Day


Miscellaneous Expenses

And Professional Subcontractors

$Cost Plus 15%

Cost +


2-Person crew

Per hour


3-Person crew

Per hour


1-Person GPS Crew

Per hour